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Inspiring adventures for developing extraordinary people inside out
Personal Development - Leadership Development - Team Building

Our Story

It's simple: our story is the sum of all the experiences and adventures of our team members, and how we turn our struggles into success. You too can dare to create your own success story!

The personal story of our founder...

"I have always been thirsty for adventure. When I was sixteen years old, my dream was to become a pilot. However, life's challenges were stacked up against that dream ever becoming a reality.

But instead of accepting my fate, I strove to create my own version of a success story! And so, I became a pilot. I was even the leader of the first all-female aerobatic team. And there were many more adventures out in the world and also at home with my friends and family.

Was it all perfect? Was it easy?  Absolutely not! But it was worth it. And the story continues...

How did I do it? I had the courage to believe in myself when no one else did. I allowed myself to be fueled by failure. I developed resilience. I dared to be different...

If I can do it, so can you!

I invite you to dare create your own success story."

Sarah M. Bosworth  -



We incorporate a strong connection with nature in all our programmes as we believe this will create a more memorable experience, contributing to a healthier body, mind and spirit.

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Personal Development

It all starts with the individual!

Personal growth is the building block for inspirational leadership, influential followership, and the foundation for becoming part of something bigger than ourselves as members of a team.

At its core, personal development is the ability for an individual to expand their emotional intelligence to better understand, accept and handle themselves and others around them, and their willingness to change their perspective and behaviour to generate a positive impact.

Our programmes focus on finding the areas which can be improved while sustaining the individual's strengths.

One of our greatest assets for this is the EQi-2.0 (workplace, leadership, teams, 360, and Higher Education) which we combine with EI (emotional intelligence) coaching.

Team Building Programme

Team spirit is the key to success!


For a team to be effective and thriving, it needs to be cohesive through all the ups and downs of life. But this cannot be achieved with an all-work attitude. There has to be time for a little play! Team-building events are an opportunity to create unity, trust and cooperation, all of which ultimately lead to the success of the team. 
At Spirit of Adventure we like to incorporate play with a purpose in all our adventure activities which include: boosting creativity, amplifying a team’s ability to problem-solve together, help clearly define objectives and goals, foster organisational productivity, identify team strengths and weaknesses.

The tool we find most effective is the Team Dynamic Survey.

Leadership Development Programme

Great leaders are made from the inside out!

It goes without saying that leaders need technical skills associated with their line of work. What makes them become a great leader is their ability to inspire, influence, and drive the people who look up to them for guidance. This is called human skills and it is intrinsic to the success of the leader, their team, and their organisation as a whole.

In our leadership development programmes, we first identify the qualities and skills of the individual to help them strengthen those while building situational adaptability, resilience, developing trust, and the ability to nurture understanding and empathy for others. We then seek to understand what kind of leadership style is required of them. Once this has been established we can build a unique programme around their needs.



Sample Programmes:

Lead like a pilot
Emotional intelligence workshop for young people
Women as leaders

"What I loved about my time on the programme was the way I got to work on my real life business issues to feel more confident when I returned to my team to really deliver results!"
Technical engineer, Energy Sector, Middle-East

The Adventure

The essence of our programmes

Blending the 4 natural elements with activities associated with them, we will take you through unforgettable experiences. These link to leadership, personal development and team building programmes conducted in a more conventional setting. We adapt to your organisation's requirements to design a highly individual product.

We utilise earth based activities such as hiking to bring awareness into daily life in order to be more grounded.
Just as the ground nourishes the forest trees and supports them to grow in whichever way they choose, so do we hold the space for individuals to develop into their full potential.

Utilising activities linked to air such as paragliding, we work on  setting healthy boundaries, creating authentic relationships and resolving conflict.

Just as the life giving air fills the lungs and allows the breath to be , so do we foster the true essence of the individual.

Water based activities such as kite surfing are used to focus on developing a healthy emotional intelligence.

Just as the waves caress the sandy beach, so do we encourage to let the emotions flow through without attachment,  allowing them to be in the moment.

Through activities linked to fire such as hot air ballooning, we work on supporting people to empower themselves and  fully engage in life.

Just as the flames of the wildfire burn through old growth to make space for new, so do we ignite the inetrnal flame to give way for what makes the heart sing.
"Really inspirational and engaging [programme]. Very energetic trainer with excellent facilitation skills."
Contracts and Procurement Manager, IT Sector, Africa


We are passionate about personal growth and adventure

 Spirit of Adventure has grown - and continues to do so - from the synergy of the skills, talents and efforts of its team members. We combine our expertise in personal/leadership development and emotional intelligence with our aptitude for organising and facilitating action-packed activities and adventures.

What inspires us is mastering exceptional skills as professionals while focusing on being extraordinary human beings.

"The programme was fun, informative and tailored exactly to my company's needs. This meant that we could quickly dive into what we wanted to work on and make the next step to being a successful leader [in the industry]!"
HR Executive, Oil & Gas Sector, Europe


Pictures speak for themselves so have a look at what Spirit of Adventure looks like...

At Spirit of Adventure we do not set ourselves limits… The world is our venue and that makes a beautiful backdrop for our programmes. Our team has delivered in Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and the Americas - including in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. And of course, online! Take a look...



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