Inspiring adventures for developing extraordinary people inside out

The Story

It's simple: the story begins with you and extends out!

Our Mission

We create inspiring adventures  to help people thrive physically, mentally and emotionally through a deep understanding of themselves and others.



We incorporate a strong connection with nature in all our programmes as we believe this will create a more memorable experience, contributing to a healthier body, mind and spirit.

Leadership Development Programme

At Spirit of Adventure we follow meticulous steps to ensure that our Leadership Development programmes are designed exactly to our client’s specification. Firstly, we identify the qualities and skills of each person in the group or organisation we are working with. We then seek to understand the group’s current knowledge and leadership behaviour. Once this has been established we can then build a unique programme around the leadership development needs. This is combined with adventures to focus on internal reflections and challenging outdoor activities, thus creating a strong anchor for navigating through ups and downs of everyday life.

Team Building Programme

A cohesive team is an effective team. But this cannot be achieved with an all-work attitude. There has to be time for a little play! Team-building events are an opportunity to create unity, trust and cooperation, all of which ultimately lead to business success. 
At Spirit of Adventure we like to incorporate play with a purpose in all our adventure activities which include: boosting creativity (or pinpointing barriers to it); amplifying a team’s ability to problem-solve together; help clearly define objectives and goals; foster organisational productivity; identify team strengths and weaknesses.

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Personal Development

Our corporate events take advantage of the setting we work from - wherever you choose to have your event. We can comfortably play host to smaller, more intimate groups but also cater for larger ones. We design the events with our client’s needs and requirements at heart and pay attention to every detail. We are committed to providing a service of excellence that will lend a perfect backdrop to your event, making it a truly memorable one.



Sample Leadership Development Programme:

Day 1


Programme Content

Setting Individual & Group Intentions

Introduction to Leadership


Development and Emotional Intelligence​

Day 2

Adventure activities

(e.g. hiking, sailing)

Leadership Development workshop

Emotional Intelligence workshop

Relaxation & Breathing exercises


Day 3

 Leadership Development workshop

Emotional Intelligence workshop

Adventure activities

(e.g. paragliding, fire making)



Reflection and closing statements

"What I loved about my time on the programme was the way I got to work on my real life business issues to feel more confident when I returned to my team to really deliver results!"
Technical engineer, Energy Sector, Middle-East

The Adventure

The essence of our programmes

Sustainable high performance is achieved by creating a healthy relationship between our inner energy and the one out in the world. For a company to expand, it needs to energise its employees. Through activities and workshops focusing on the 4 natural elements, we work towards a balanced emotional and physical state that will lead to high performance.

Blending the 4 natural elements with the associated activities, we take delegates through unforgettable experiences. These link to leadership, personal development and team building programmes conducted in a more conventional setting. We adapt to your organisation's requirements to design a highly individual product.

We utilise earth based activities such as hiking to bring awareness into daily life in order to be more grounded.
Just as the ground nourishes the forest trees and supports them to grow in whichever way they choose, so do we hold the space for individuals to develop into their full potential.

Utilising activities linked to air such as paragliding, we work on  setting healthy boundaries, creating authentic relationships and resolving conflict.

Just as the life giving air fills the lungs and allows the breath to be , so do we foster the true essence of the individual.

Water based activities such as kite surfing are used to focus on developing a healthy emotional intelligence.

Just as the waves caress the sandy beach, so do we encourage to let the emotions flow through without attachment,  allowing them to be in the moment.

Through activities linked to fire such as hot air ballooning, we work on supporting people to empower themselves and  fully engage in life.

Just as the flames of the wild fire burn through old growth to make space for new, so do we ignite the internal flame to give way for what makes the heart sing.
"Really inspirational and engaging [programme]. Very energetic trainer with excellent facilitation skills."
Contracts and Procurement Manager, IT Sector, Africa


We are passionate about personal growth and adventure

 Spirit of Adventure has grown - and continues to do so - from the synergy of the skills, talents and efforts of its team members. We combine our expertise in personal/leadership development and emotional intelligence education with our aptitude for organising and facilitating action-packed activities and adventures. What inspires us is mastering exceptional skills while focusing on being extraordinary with integrity, compassion and humility.

The programme was fun, informative and tailored exactly to my company's needs. This meant that we could quickly dive into what we wanted to work on and make the next step to being a successful leader [in the industry]!
HR Executive, Oil & Gas Sector, Europe


The world is our venue and we can deliver programmes anywhere you like!

We can also offer programmes in the picturesque Alpine scenery of Austria, home to

Spirit of Adventure.

At Spirit of Adventure we do not set ourselves limits… The world really is our venue. So, if you prefer to be close to home, wherever that might be in the world, we can organise a bespoke programme on your doorstep. Our team has delivered personal and professional development programmes in Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and the Americas - including in the middle of the Amazon Jungle!

Or you might like to treat your team to an experience of a life-time and combine a programme with discovering the breathtaking nature that is ubiquitous in Austria.

Come and join us for a truly extraordinary adventure of body, mind and spirit!


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