Flexible style of communication

Recently, a delegate attending a programme I was running on leadership development expressed frustration as to the lack of success they were having when communicating with a colleague. “Why is it that every time I say something they seem to clam up?” This exchange got me thinking about the number of times I have conversations with clients about the communication tools they take away from a leadership development programme where they learn about the different styles of communication. Often, it isn’t necessarily just the tools they have available to them but also how and when to use them that makes the communication effective. In other words, how to be flexible in the moment when communicating

Start the day with a ritual that leaves you energised

Starting the morning with a healthy ritual for nourishing the body, mind and spirit leaves you energised for the rest of the day. Like anything else, there just isn't one prescribed routine that fits all, so it's important to choose rituals that suit each individual. The best way to stick to a morning routine is to really love what you do. That way it becomes sustainable long term. You could get inspired by others but make sure it is personal to you. These are some items you could include in your daily routine: Drink a large glass of water It's universally understood that drinking water is great in many ways (keeping body fluids in balance, healthy kidneys, muscles, skin and bowl function).

Why it pays to care about your team

During the last few opportunities I have had to work with teams from a diverse background of industries and levels of seniority, one topic that has come up during our discussions over and over again is “What does it mean to really work in a caring environment?” What keeps an employee happy? Or for that matter, keep them engaged and wanting to stay? What motivates the average person? What is it that makes them loyal and feel like they belong where they work? How can a company truly take care of its employees? It is a curious term: caring. It doesn’t stop at making good employees focussed and creating opportunities for training and development. These are essential, but they just set the basic

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