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Evolution of Leadership & Talent Development in 2019

As an organisation who designs and delivers Leadership & Talent Development programmes, one of the biggest challenges we face is getting delegates to make time for learning. Attending a programme takes up time, but that's only a few hours or perhaps a couple of days. To fully integrate the learnt skills into practice requires time commitment - both for the mental processing of the newly acquired information and also the ongoing learning for real development to take place.

Even though the organisations who send their employees on such a programme take into account the time requirement, the employees often feel they don’t have time to take away from their work. Sometimes this time pressure puts the delegates under a lot of stress which defies the purpose of a personal development programme.

Delivering training on multiple platforms - workshops, webinars, mobile apps etc. - can help eliminate the time crunch for busy employees. Although physically attending a workshop within a team remains essential for interactive learning and understanding other team members, e-learning is the natural evolution for leadership development.

"Digital and mobile content and delivery are more critical than ever."

Forbes (Community Voice)

Further more, in our busy lives we look for 'life hacks' - ways with which we can gain the same level of experience or achieve something quickly. This might be all well and good for our personal lives however professionally we are being asked to do more with less. It's in these moments we should focus on what our intentions are for the learning experience. To accommodate for our busy lives, e-learning can help to allow us to 'consume' the information we look for at anytime. What has been termed 'micro-learning' is entering the leadership development lexicon by providing specific snippets of detail in short sharp bursts...much like today's exercise craze 'the 7 minute workout'. Indeed, micro-learning has the same effect on our brains as the short sharp workouts, allowing us to 'upload' into our memory banks exactly the right amount of detail, high quality, low volume.


At Spirit of Adventure, our intention is to combine micro-learning, e-learning and conventional learning to offer people a variety of methods to suit individual needs whilst keeping the focus very much centred on personal development. This personal gain will equate to the growth of their team and their organisation as a whole.

During 2019 we hope to work with many of you in this way to support your leadership development journey.

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