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Sarah M. Bosworth

Managing Director

Sarah has founded Spirit of Adventure as she is passionate about learning through challenges and sees every challenge as an adventure. These can be both internal in the form of personal development and the external adventures that exhilarate the body and awaken the spirit.


This is why she chose her career in aerial sport: among others, as a flight instructor, display pilot and the leader of the first all-female aerobatic team in the world.

Sarah has also worked for large corporate companies and has led many teams and understands the high-pressured environment of business. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence EQi assessor and coach and prefers to teach acquiring leadership skills through adventurous activities.

Sarah is passionate about contributing to the personal development of people and encouraging them to believe in what they can achieve without limit whilst maintaining a sense of humility, integrity and compassion for others. What she brings to Spirit of Adventure is a sense of exploration within while exploring the outer world.


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