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Sarah Megan is a scientist and emotional intelligence educator by training but an adventurer by heart. This is why she has been called to Spirit of Adventure where she blends the wisdom of both worlds to skillfully help people navigate the internal and external challenges of life so they may thrive.    


Sarah Megan is a pioneer in emotional intelligence education and teaches internationally. She holds a B.A degree in Traditional Eastern Arts where she studied yoga, meditation and peace studies intensively for 4 years. Earlier in her sky diver, and rock/ice climber but loved extreme snowboarding most of all. She graduated from her first University at 17 and moved straight away to Alaska to ride the big mountains. After 7 years as a Marine Biologist and big mountain rider and externally achieving so much at such a young age, she felt there was still something missing in life and decided to focus herself on deepening her understanding of her internal world. This led her to study yoga and neuroscience. She is currently diving deeper into the studies of neuroscience and uses all that she has leaned and experienced in her she worked and studied as a marine biologist at the University of Alaska and holds a degree in Natural Science. Sarah Megan grew up as a surfer, scuba diver,


Sarah Megan is passionate about helping people become the best they can be. She utilized her wealth of knowledge from the sciences, contemplative wisdom and adventure sports to help people shed limiting beliefs and find wholeness.

Emotional Education Coach / Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Sarah Megan Vogt

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