Here is to a spirited lady: Joy Lofthouse!

Today the WW2 Spitfire pilot Joy Lofthouse has died and tributes are being paid from all over the country and beyond. This is my personal eulogy to a spirited lady who has touched me so profoundly that it has changed the way I look at life. I will not write about her achievements - great as they were - as one of only 164 female pilots to have flown the Spitfire as a member of the Air Transport Auxiliary. Plenty of newspapers have published articles listing the flying feats, the bravado and the inspirational national treasure that the 94 year old veteran had become. Rather, I would like to share Joy's humanity, her joy for life in its mundane form as an ordinary woman, as an extraordinary hu

Spirit of adventure into the Peruvian Amazon

Walking through the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport, it really hit me that the expedition to the Peruvian Amazon was over and added to the collection of life experiences and memories. Seven weeks earlier, I had joined a team of expedition leaders and together we had travelled with over fifty young explorers to live an adventure under the jungle canopy. The aim? Exploring the world while exploring within ourselves. It’s called "adventure with a purpose". There were many facets to this extraordinary adventure… The Amazon is a magical place where one is completely connected to nature through the senses. The sound of the jungle music is ubiquitous and one cannot define how many musicians take

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