Taking clues from nature to spring into personal growth

As spring graces us with light (the days are noticeably longer) and hope (nature's promise of warmth, despite the cold spell so many of us are experiencing), so can we take our clues from nature to prepare for an inner growth. It's time to shed the old and make room for the new. I'm talking about the physical, mental and emotional old and new. As with nature, there are a few prerequisites in order to optimise our personal growth. These are: Empty space: New growth needs space. Make time to clear your house of all the accumulated clutter; open the windows and air all the rooms; have a good spring clean; donate all unwanted winter clothes in good condition to charity. W

Meditation to suit every individual

For centuries meditation has been practised in one way or another by all religions and also by secular groups of people and individuals. But somehow, the image that often comes to mind when we talk about mediation is that of someone sitting in the lotus position for hours on end chanting Om. Far too many people think they do not have the time in their more-than-ever-busy 21st century lives for such woo-woo nonsense. But the fact is that meditation - in any form - is intrinsic to health and well-being of body, mind and spirit. So how can we integrate meditation into our daily lives? First, I think it's important to feel inspired by the word "meditation". If you have an inherent problem with

Do your employees feel included?

Inspiring leadership Leadership is about engaging people and inspiring them to give their best and to stretch themselves to achieve higher goals. Have you been in a team where your boss has served as role model demonstrating the behaviours you want to see? Perhaps they have sought your input in making things better, made the work you do meaningful, recognizing skills and talents and treated you fairly? When working with such leaders, we are engaged, willing to give our all, improve ourselves and achieve above what we imagine is possible. However, at other times have you experienced the opposite? A boss who has been concerned with self-interest, with their own private gain and self-worth. The

Our children are our best teachers

Can I be a better parent by listening to my child? Certainly! And you have to be humble enough to realise that your child - no matter how young - can have some amazing understanding of his/ her own life and needs. For many of us whose parents are in their late 60s and 70s, the notion of learning from children is alien to say the least. We were brought up with a mindset of "do as your told". No explanation given. And if we had the audacity to ask for an explanation, the answer was "because I said so". That seemed to have been the global trend with our parents' generation whether they were British, Japanese or Iranian. I am, of course, not suggesting that we listen to everything our kids say,

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