If you lack resources, be resourceful

When I was setting up my company, Spirit of Adventure, I didn't have much in terms of resources; no means, no mentor, no money. I had a mission though... and still do, of course. And that is to contribute to the well-being (physical, mental, emotional) of professional people. What propelled me into this venture was my own struggle in my previous job. I left that job completely drained and depressed but decided to turn that into something positive. I put my ideas and dreams on paper and played with them until a beautiful and inspiring concept unfolded before my eyes. The concept was then discussed over and over again with friends (real friends who nourish me) and industry professionals ( not

A few words on Courage

In aviation - as I'm sure it is the case in many other industries - when a person shows tremendous amount of bravery, fortitude and audacity, they are said to possess a certain part of the male body regardless of their gender. The fact is that courage has nothing to do with a collection of dangly appendages belonging to the male anatomy. Courage comes from the heart. I don't mean the physical one but the centre of a being; their core, essence, soul. Courage is to go beyond one's fear, beyond the comfortable, to dare speak the truth and stand for it when no body else will. Courage doesn't have gender, race or age. How many women throughout history have had the audacity to stand up to overpowe

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