Disconnect in order to reconnect

The year 2017 has been the pinnacle of our ambiguous relationship with technology. On the one hand, the world embraced the arrival of newer, faster, better gadgets and on the other, there has never been so much concern - as a result of much research - about the consequences of our addiction to technology. Super-connected kids become disconnected One of the main areas of worry is how technology is adversely affecting our children and teenagers. For better or for worse, technology is part of their lives and there is no going back. They are after all the "iGen" - the generation that has only known the world with internet and social media - dubbed so by Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at S

Never mind the "to-do" list. Create space "to be".

We constantly strive to carry out - or are bogged down by - interminable to-do lists. Shopping lists, email lists, work item lists... even when we want to motivate ourselves and others, we make to-do lists: 3 ways to start the day, 7 ways to achieve success, 10 books to read before the year's end, 50 places to go before you kick the bucket... But how effective are these lists? According to psychologist and author Dr David Cohen, lists help us stay organised and focused for three reasons listed below: We feel less anxious about the chaos of life We have a plan that we can stick to We can prove what we have achieved (provided it has been ticked off the list!) The flip side is that if for whate

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