Breathing your way through stress

Have you ever noticed how you breathe? It goes without saying but how you breathe might just save your life!!! In a study that examined heart attack patients, 100% were chest-breathers. So, what exactly is chest-breathing? Chest-breathing is when you have so much contraction and restriction in your body that the air you breathe is not able to fully infiltrate the lungs. When chest-breathing, your belly and diaphragm do not expand, and the air is exchanged in the upper most part of the lungs. You can easily check this by putting one hand on your lower belly and one hand on your chest. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Notice if your belly is expanding and contracting or

Why Employee Engagement is so important to company results?

When I ask what a company’s most important assets are, many employee’s might first consider the real estate, inventory, or technology. But it’s the leaders who think immediately of their employees who are on the right track. The one thing that creates sustainable competitive advantage – and therefore return on investment, company value and long-term strength – is the workforce; the people who make up the company. Time and again, employees who are engaged significantly outperform those who are not. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without, meaning any investment you make into boosting engagement is likely to see positive results. Many factors affect employee engagement, but t

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