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If you lack resources, be resourceful

When I was setting up my company, Spirit of Adventure, I didn't have much in terms of resources; no means, no mentor, no money. I had a mission though... and still do, of course. And that is to contribute to the well-being (physical, mental, emotional) of professional people.

What propelled me into this venture was my own struggle in my previous job. I left that job completely drained and depressed but decided to turn that into something positive. I put my ideas and dreams on paper and played with them until a beautiful and inspiring concept unfolded before my eyes. The concept was then discussed over and over again with friends (real friends who nourish me) and industry professionals ( not the nay-sayers) until a concrete business model appeared. I poured all my attention and love into that business model to take it to the next level. Then I took actions to turn the model into a reality. I consulted with numerous banks, lawyers and accountants, registered the business and created a marketing strategy including a website and social media platforms etc. I kept going back to the big picture and my initial vision to keep myself on track. I made sure I had fun doing all that because I knew the minute I stopped having fun, my business would suffer.

Then I got stuck. Utterly blocked by my lack of resources. No means, no mentor, no money.

I didn't have the resources to spend money on marketing and certainly no means to acquire a venue for running our leadership development and team building programmes. I didn't even have access to an office.

But then something interesting happened. I watched a TED Talk by Tony Robins that changed by perception. I always have a personal development/ self help book on the go and listen to numerous podcasts from various inspirational speakers. But every now and again, I stumble across a piece of advice that seems to be sent just for me! In his TED Talk Why We Do What We Do, Robins says that if you lack the resources then be resourceful.

That was exactly what I did. It was truly a case of mind over matter. Once I dropped my "but I can't" excuse and replaced it with "I'll try and see what happens", I started to enrol others to either believe in my business or at least give me the benefit of the doubt. I found the best Events Resort to host my programmes. A generous friend offered me office space and I burrowed money from a family member (as opposed to an expensive bank loan) for all my marketing tools. Yes, it takes courage to ask people for their help but what I found is that there are plenty of generous people out there who are willing to do so. And before you say "I don't want to owe anyone anything", you can always offer something in return so the contribution is both ways. I am offering leadership development and/ or team building programmes to the companies that have helped Spirit of Adventure grow.

And that is being resourceful!

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