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Start the day with a ritual that leaves you energised

Starting the morning with a healthy ritual for nourishing the body, mind and spirit leaves you energised for the rest of the day. Like anything else, there just isn't one prescribed routine that fits all, so it's important to choose rituals that suit each individual. The best way to stick to a morning routine is to really love what you do. That way it becomes sustainable long term. You could get inspired by others but make sure it is personal to you.

These are some items you could include in your daily routine:

Drink a large glass of water

It's universally understood that drinking water is great in many ways (keeping body fluids in balance, healthy kidneys, muscles, skin and bowl function). You might as well kick- start the body with it every morning. And of course, you don't have to stop at just the one glass in the morning but continue drinking throughout the day.

Meditation - or if that's not your thing, positive visualisation

Take 10/ 15 minute to bring the body into stillness and the mind into silence. Your practice could include deep or alternate-nostril breathing, paying attention to the five senses, prayer and setting intentions for the day.

If this sounds all a bit too woowoo, then just sit quietly with your eyes shut and visualise your day in the most positive way and set yourself a realistic goal or intention on how you would achieve this so that it's not just a "vision" but it becomes a reality.

Physical exercise

Any physical exercise is better than none so fit in as much as you can - even if it's only 10 mins. Depending on whether you like a dynamic or a slower pace activity, you can do some stretching or yoga (the great thing about yoga is that you combine meditation with physical activity; in other words, 30 minutes of yoga is the equivalent of 30 minutes of meditation plus 30 minutes of exercise). Or if you prefer a cardio workout, go running, cycling or circuit training (e.g. 7-minute workout app is highly efficient if you only have seven minutes!). Apart from the obvious health benefits, physical exercise is a great mood booster too.

Healthy breakfast

There is no denying that eating breakfast is healthier than skipping it. And that's because people who don't have breakfast tend to get a sugar-low by mid-morning or lunchtime at the latest and then eat too much or the wrong kind of food or both! Again, you don't have to eat egg-white omelette sprinkled with chia seeds if that's not your thing. Just have something that you like and that sustains you until lunch time.

Take pride in how you look (but not too much!)

Our physical appearance has a huge impact on self-esteem, so take time to look after yourself. Taking a shower to feel fresh, wearing clothes that you like and suit you and even putting on your favourite perfume/ aftershave all contribute to how you feel about yourself and ultimately your perceived self-worth. On the other hand, too much time spent on general grooming and you know your ego has taken over!

As much as I don't usually have a "Not to do" list, I feel compelled to include some bad habits to be avoided in the morning:

  • Don't grab your phone as soon as you wake up (it's healthier not to sleep with your phone by your bed in the first place!)

  • Don't look at any social media until you have made time for your morning routine. It will only distract you and take your precious time. Perhaps you could check your social media when commuting to work

  • Don't rush things. If you get yourself stressed-out trying to set a relaxing pace for the rest of your day, you've clearly missed the point! Wake up early enough to have time for your routine

So, be creative and make a morning ritual that boosts your energy physically, mentally and emotionally and above all, makes your heart sing!

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